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One of the free newsletters I subscribe to comes from InvestorPlace.com. I would include the specifics of the newsletter, but my host service took two days to get my database running again and I lost the email while waiting for them to figure out that they were not testing the database by accessing the one fyw site that doesn’t use it.

Grousing aside, the newsletter include a link to one of their many “5 x for y” articles.

5 Housing Stocks for a Rebound

The only one I would consider (and have been considering for quite some time) is Black & Decker (BDK). Good products, well run company, and positioned well for the recovery. If stock prices were more equal to the actual value of the company than the quantity of the Wall Street rumor mill, it would be a no-brainer. But, at this point, it will just remain on my watch list along with most stocks that did that huge leap in March.

Google Finance lists BDK in the Consumer Cyclical sector. This is why, despite Cramer’s advice on watching sectors, I don’t take sectors too seriously. I spent enough time in the construction industry to know that professionals use a lot of Black & Decker products, too, which makes this a good play on both an up and down housing market.

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