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Cheap Education on Being Cheap


Eventually, probably, I will have some money-saving tips on this blog. Probably even a page devoted to it. I have been looking for ways to save money as soon as I had my second penny (the first one did not inspire me as it did not go “clink” against anything yet). In the meantime, you can subscribe to //www.dolans.com/. The are not the do-all end-all of saving money, and you will get a flood of other emails from subsribing, but in general they have some good advise for free. Being the cheap guy that I am, I never look at any of their fee services, and rarely look at their free advise as most of it is old news to me. But it may not be to you, and I did say “most”, not “all”. Any newsletter is worth my time if I get one idea or learning from it. If that is all I get for a very long stretch I will drop it, which has to do with being cheap with my time and too lazy to read everything.

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