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Hiding Your Money in a Hole


Eventually I will be listing out the sites and newsletters I subscribe to, and maybe set up links in the nav for them as well (still thinking this site through). One of my absolute favorites is The Stock Gumshoe.  His newsletter today gets around to a geothermal stock, after which he gives some good discussion on the ups and downs of those stocks.

Here are the Cheap Lazy Points (CLP) I have on alternative energy in general:

  • While I would personally like these companies to be booming, they aren’t and won’t be for at least five years
  • Eventually (when unknown), there will be profit in greener energy, which makes this a long term play
  • It is really, really hard to pick winners in the far future, or we would all have bought Microsoft and Walmart in the early 80’s

So, unless you have a crystal ball, a really good hunch, or willing to risk being the next Martha Stewart of investing, this is not an area I will generally be recommending putting much money in, especially if you need it anytime before the end of the next decade.

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