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The Check is in the Mail


It’s easy to be cheap and lazy by reading the free material available from all the fee services. Thanks to the Internet, they have to give you enough truth to get you to buy. If you only follow one of them (what they hope), you will definitly feel compelled to buy eventually.  If you read many of them, you will get enough pieces to do it yourself. Considering that all the good newsletters are expensive, I’d just as soon get it for free.

There are some good tips on Dolans.com today with their article The 8 Biggest Lies That You Are Being Told About Your Money. There are ten pages to this one. The first is the intro, and the last is the pitch. Your call on where to stop. I noticed that some of the points are the selling points of their competition (brokers and retirement plans), which is all I have to say about that.

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