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Does This Really Work?


As a result of being cheap and subscribing to lots of free investment info, I get more than my fair share of emails advertising to idiots. One of my a favorites (mentioned last week but received again this week) offers “free stock picks” for paying for a stock pick newsletter. Does that mean the free ones are good and the one you pay for are worthless, or vice versa?

Anyway, today’s junk mail was this offer for a special report of ten top picks. I would have bit, knowing full well it would increase the work of my spam filter. But then I noticed that they had eight links in the email to the same place to get the free report. Which tells me that they are either too dumb to hire a good web copy writer for their pitches or are only looking for people so dumb that they have to be shown eight times how to get something for free. I can understand two (top and bottom of the email), even three if it is a really long email. But eight links? Nah, that’s too many. I’ll pass.

If you want to get it anyway, those eight links point to //www.newsletteradvisors.com. It actually came with a parameter, but that probably confirms my email address as a sucker, so I’m leaving it off.

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