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Hesitation Cuts on SATC


Saw SATC in my bargain bin yesterday at 1.56. By the time I decided to do anything about i, it was up to 1.59. I put in a limit at 1.57, and it went up to 1.64 instead. So I put in a limit at 1.64 after closing. It opened at 1.69, but then dipped down momentarily, long enough for my limit buy to go through. It is hard to balance between instincts and caution. We will see where this goes now.

Today’s askStockGuru advice is:

Breakout Trade: We would look for this stock to either close above 2.08 to go long or close below 1.63 to go short.
Retracement Trade: Consider buying when the price retraces around 1.63. Consider selling/shorting when the price approaches 2.08.

I’m going to go with selling most of it at 2.07 and keeping the rest to track. But I will have an alert set for 2.02 to re-evalutate when it gets close.

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