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How Cheap, Lazy Investors Spot A Twisted Promotion


An alert reader sent in an ad that bragged about the reader who followed the advise of the newsletter had made 100% profits in 90 days. That definitely sounds impressive.  Until you look at the information given to back up the claim.  The teaser that  “since March alone” … “doubled…”.

OK, I can stop right there. Being paranoid is a price one pays for being cheap and lazy. If you’re not paranoid, you can’t be lazy. Well, you can, but you won’t be investing for long, because you’ll be broke. And I was paranoid around the March time frame after the heavy beating I took in the Fall of 2008. So I only bough a little of the terribly depressed stocks available at that time. I could have thrown a dart on March 1st and tripled my money in 90 days (and did, on one stock…tripled, not the dart thing). Look at the charts of almost any stock of real interest, and odds are 9 out of 10 that it will have doubled since March 1st.

I’m not saying the newsletter in question is not useful, informative, or even profitable. I am saying that if they are going to try to sell me with a stacked deck, I’ll pass.

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