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Akamai Back on my Radar


Akamai is the hands down leader in their space. I know,  actually worked for one of their competitors ten years ago. They have reached a critical mass point where they can go through the roof (again) or be usurped. I haven’t seen any likely usurpers, so my bet is they go back up. But, being cheap and lazy, the ~20% fall this afternoon is not enough for me.  That, and askStockGuru thinks they AKAM can drop further still as of today. I’m looking for a second drop before I jump in. Should change this site to Cheap, Lazy, Paranoid Investing 🙂

  1. admin says:

    In hindsight, sometimes my paranoia gets in the way of my instincts. Akamai is up over 300% since I posted this 🙁

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