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Today’s Bargain Bin Bid: ARYX


ARYx Therapeutics, Inc. (ARYX) nose-dived today because their closest-market product in the pipeline was declared a failure. The market very brutal with these incidents. When I see a small pharam or biotech drop because of a problem with one product I immediatly look at their pipeline. ARYx Therapeutics is one of the more promising ones. Having taken a beating on NEXM by being too greedy, I’m a little cash-challenged, so rather that pick up ARYX at its current price, I put in a buy for a much lower price as sometimes these drops slow down then drop again as those on the fence fall off it. If I get lucky and pick it up on the second drop and there is another fifth drop, I could do okay. Then again, I still have a pile of Lehmans, so don’t take my word for it.

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