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BMY Plan


I’ve owned Bristol Myers before. I’ve never been disappointed. I did get lucky in selling them off last time to buy real estate. Didn’t get lucky in the real estate, but BMY dropped shortly after my sale, so score one for cheap lazy investing, which doesn’t deal in real estate (the purchase was a primary residence, for the curious).

Anyway, during my alert clean up I reviewed BMY and like the way they are chugging along these days. BMY is the perfect portfolio piece because it can be played as a trade or a DRIP, which is pretty rare.  This time I disagree with askStockGuru, where today they have the conservative buy at 19.88. I think the difference is they go by the closing price where I look for the intra-day deals that can bring in a profit in hours, so I am setting my sights at 19.59 with an alert at 19.88 as a check point (cause I know askStockGuru is smarter than me, and acknowledge that smart is not always the winner).

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