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Dodging a LANC


Some newsletters I take with a grain of salt, especially the one  the mentioned LANC as a strong buy today (or last nigh, I am just reading it now). But this one looks like the analysts may have missed a bet. See, this newsletter never shows me stocks that are off 20$ from the analysts 1 year prediction, in fact it is almost always stocks that are close to the prediction or over it. And, he rarely points at a symbol I can pick up a 100 share for less than $500, my preferred speculation range.

But it still looks good. The Fool CAPS have it as a 2 star,  but hard to find a bear commentary, so maybe the folks that don’t like it aren’t sure why, or maybe I missed something. If it was a 4 star, I’d buy with real money at 42.50.  Instead, I’m setting an alert for 40 to review it then, and making the limit buy at $42.50 in my WSS account.

Cheap, Lazy Reference links: Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Survivor, Motley Fool CAPS, TheStreet, Google Finance, MSN Money
  1. admin says:

    My alert has been going off on this for a while now, and I gave it a deeper second look today at 46.20 and the Fools have bumped it to a 4 star since the original posting here. Do you think they read this blog? Nah, me neither.

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