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LHCG Looks Like an Interesting Gamble


I ran across this in a hype newsletter. I say hype because there is seldom much substance other than “buy my newsletter for other great picks” and the stock has almost always done a big jump before it is emailed out, leaving me with the fear that the rise is over. And LHCG just jumped almost 9%. But…

If the new healthcare reform (which, from what I can tell, is still all talk) does happen, it depends on how they categorize this health service company. Then it could go through the roof or threw the grave. Most of the Motley Fool CAPs seem to be looking up. Smart bunch, but all long-term investors while I have a mortgage to meet.

askStockGuru has it at a 23.74 buy today, and from the charts it looks like one of those stocks a trader can have some fun with in the 24-25 range, so I’m goint to stick it on the watch list and take a closer look when it hits 24.50.

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