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New on the Watch List: BDX


I’m doing my quarterly clean up of my alerts,  which means the long, tedious task of reviewing each symbol that I have Yahoo! watch for me. I don’t have to  schedule this task, I know it is time when the same alerts come to me every day, and indication that the market has shifted and I need to shift my evaluations along with it.

One upside to this task (and there has to be one, because the cheap is pushing all of the lazy out for this) is that I run across new stocks to watch while I do it. Today I came across BDX while updating my watch numbers on BAX. If I were in buy and hold mode (I’m not, at the moment, while I continue to rebuild my core capital) I would have an alert set for BDX along with a limit buy. So it just goes on the watch list, which is a another clean up chore I can postpone for awhile.

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