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I Like That Boom Boom BOOM


I generally hate procrastination, especially when I do it. But now and then it works in my favor. In this case, I am catching up on emails from the last couple of months, and was reading a Motley Fool article. They mention one of their Hidden Gems picks (for free!) and I go to look into it, seeing that it just tanked from panic selling the day before. The pick is Dynamic Materials Corp. (BOOM).  I have made money more often than not from following Foolish advise, and if I were up enough to take a higher risk tolerance I would buy immediately rather than setting a watch for drops and limit buy a little lower than Friday’s 14.27% drop.

  1. […] them in the strangest places..Fool articles, that is..in this case while checking on an alert about BOOM, which I also discovered through the Fools. ). One of the CAPs members posted that it was in the […]

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