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Pop Dividends from Pepsi


After seeing this in my in-box from one of my news searches:

PepsiCo Boosts Annual Dividend by 7%, Authorizes Stock Buyback

I set a limit buy for Pepsico, Inc. (PEP) at $61, while askStockGuru had them today at 62.3 for the conservative buy.

Cheap, Lazy Reference links: Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Survivor, Motley Fool CAPS, TheStreet, Google Finance, MSN Money
  1. admin says:

    askStockGuru was right, I was wrong, so I still don’t own PEP yet. I just set a new alert on PEP, and then I see the Motley Fool is touting them, too (//www.fool.com/investing/dividends-income/2010/09/12/is-pepsico-stock-cheap-right-now.aspx). Wish I had blogged my renewed interest at the time to claim the “great minds think…” but that is the down side of lazy.

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