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Gun Pick from an NRA Member


While I have not been an active (read: dues-paying) member of the NRA for over 3 decades, I still enjoy target shooting. Many stock pundits have been touting Smith & Wesson for a while now, and I have continued to not be impressed. But, I figure they might have the right sector, but wrong stock, so I hit the competitor’s link on Yahoo for SWHC and find RGR. My first pistol was a Ruger, and the best small-caliber rifle ever is the Ruger 22/10. Stock-wise, I like that they have 0 debt, pay a dividend, and have better margins, so I’m going to keep an eye out for a pullback and pull the trigger on Ruger. The conservative call for that today on askStockGuru is 11.35, and the Foolish CAPs have them as a 4 star.

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