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Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co., Ltd. (CCSC)


With a name like that, I’d expect biscuits and gravy on the menu instead of rice and curd, but it was probably intended for the NYSE appeal.

The Stock Gumshoe found this one for me, and I’m on the fence with it. I’ve lost a lot in China the last couple of years, but the Motley Fool pitch makes it pretty tempting. Maybe just a little bite…

Cheap, Lazy Reference links: Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Survivor, Motley Fool CAPS, TheStreet, Google Finance, MSN Money
  1. FYW Dude says:

    Fools are still bullish on the future of this one. Wish I had got in on the drop, but going to hang in there for now.

  2. FYW Dude says:

    Started to come back, then dropped again. I’m down 40%, but think I will ride through on this one. Gut thing.

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