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From Crash to Cash?


I picked up HGG when they dropped big in July…then they dropped a bit further. But I see some insider traction happening in August, so I’m going to hold on to what I got…for now.

Cheap, Lazy Reference links: Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Survivor, Motley Fool CAPS, TheStreet, Google Finance, MSN Money
  1. FYW Dude says:

    So far, so good. Up 19% today. They have zero debt, which is what killed Circuit City and is slamming BBY. If BBY starts closing stores, that will bring HGG stock down for awhile, but should later increase bottom line as they pick up the business. Holding for now, and looking for the price of selling some off to get to free. Too bad no dividend.

  2. FYW Dude says:

    Dropped back down and now up by a few cents. One Fool thinks it is a keeper, according to //beta.fool.com/hoangquocanh/2012/11/14/small-cap-series-retailer-screaming-buy/16351/?source=fywservices.

    StockGuru sees it falling back to 5.94 for another buy on a dip.

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