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EPD – Eventually Profitable Dividend


The thing I don’t like about most investment newsletter articles (especially the free ones) is that their recommendations all seem to oppose the warning label of every investment fund: past performance is not a guarantee of future profit. Yet they always are touting a stock that has had a recent run-up. In the case of an InvestorPlace article I just read, I think they found a future CLI purchase when history reverses itself and Enterprise Products Partners Limited inevitably dips. I like the storage and transportation energy plays because the stock may bounce up and down with the commodities but the profits still continue, giving a good way to profit if timed well. Yeah, I know, everyone agrees timing the market will kill you, and 20 and 30 years ago I would have to agree, but these days you have to time a little bit or just get walloped. I still have lumps from a few of those where I jumped in at the wrong time because I didn’t try to time it. Much better than the minor disappointment when I look for a bottom too low and miss out on a buy versus under-guessing a top and losing a big chunk (see the watch list to see those embarrassing moments).

Anyway, looking for EPD to Easily Plummet Deeply to $49, at which point I will Enterprisingly Purchase Directly.

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