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Short Memories Make Long Profits


OK, so this is about investing, not morality. If someone were to ask what the best oil stock was for the past decade, most would say Exxon. That is because BP is in the dog house for the screw up in the Gulf. And it will take longer to forget BP making a mess than it took for people to forget about Exxon because BP isn’t US company.

That said, I like BP on dips below 41. They are already bringing their dividend back and before the disaster it was my best dividend stock.

Cheap, Lazy Reference links: Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Survivor, Motley Fool CAPS, TheStreet, Google Finance, MSN Money
  1. Looks flat for now. Ready to buy again if it pulls back below $41 and to take some profit at $52, both numbers dependent on all else being relatively unchanged.

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