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Solid State Stocks May Lead to Leaking Liquidity


After my success with OCZ the first time, I thought I would try for a repeat. Unfortunately, trying to do this a second time was not profitable. The lesson isn’t that it cannot be done twice because I have and I have also missed many opportunities to do so. The trick is to find when to do it and when not to.

Still, all may not be lost on this one. They still have no debt. Unfortunately, they have no profit, either, turning everything back into R&D. The current price would not do me well for a merger from where I bought, but a peak in the technology could surge into a fast profit if OCZ scales back the development at the right time. Too many maybes to count on.

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  1. 52 week low hit not long ago at 1.11. If it drops to 1.12, time to look at why and make a call to double down or walk away

  2. Third time a charm? Bought at 1.50 on 7/10/13

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