Investing notes from a non-Wall Street guy who isn’t trying to sell you something.

Ok, so why have I started another blog when I can barely keep up my first two? Allow me to present my favorite Robin Williams quote from Live at the Met: “Money. Lots and lots of money!”. No, that’s not why I started the blog, I just wanted some place I could quote that.

My first first blog was all about me. Turns out I must be pretty boring as no one to this day ever visited it. My next blog was about all the things that interest me. Now, I know for a fact that there are lots or people with the same interests, but maybe not all together, as the only people that visited that blog were some good friends and family. So, I decided to break up my blog into blogs, with each focused on its own particular topic, and all a subdomain on my main domain.

Money is one topic that rarely made it to my earlier blogs, but is something definitly near and dear to my heart. And, the truth is, there are only four reason to blog.

  1. Money
  2. Fame
  3. Addicted to writing
  4. Bad memory

I’m motived by all four, suffer from two, and am hoping to satisfy three. Any three will do.  It is up to you to provide me with the third. Feeling pressured? Good. I do all the time, especially when I post something to this blog knowing that my three readers may actually take me seriously and follow my advise. Some should be followed, some should be weighed thoroughly before taking, and I will try to distinguish in each post which is  which.