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Get Out Now!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Well, actually, I think you should consider it heavily first. What got me excited was to see an investment newsletter article that was recommending what to get out of without having already charged folks to tell them to get into it. But, this is cheap and lazy investing, not cynical investment advice reviewing, so I’ll just point you to the article that prompted my thinking on this topic over at Investor Place.

I haven’t done the research on their recommendations yet. I will say, when it comes to consumer stocks, I always expect the run to be a fad, try to find it on the way up, and then figure a point where I can get out with a small profit and what I call “free stock”, which means that I managed to sell enough of the stock I bought within a year to profit 15% (to cover the taxes) and still have stock to hang on to. If the stock goes down, I’m not really out anything except the satisfaction of “I told you so”. This only failed once, with Washington Mutual. If I had dumped it all, I would have doubled my money in 14 hours. Instead, I had a one day high, and now own stock that would cost more in commission to sell than I could get for it. Maybe 20 years from now, people will collect loser stocks like cars that didn’t sell well.